H: Thursday, September 15, 2011

Special Sale of Weston Nurseries Plants

To Mass Chapter Members,


As occurred 2 years ago, we again have the opportunity to purchase very hardy Weston Nurseries-developed rhododendrons and azaleas at irresistible prices.  Wayne Mezitt, owner of Weston Nurseries, has provided the Chapter with small plants in order to get them into the hands of people who can appreciate them.  Since Weston Nurseries has stopped doing their own propagation, these are likely to be the last small plants we will obtain from them.  This is an opportunity to obtain some of Weston's best introductions at great prices.  These plants were bred for the New England climate and should perform exceptionally well for you.


Supplies for some selections should be sufficient, but others are limited.  Most are in 3" cells, with a few in 2" cells.  In many cases there are two plants to the cell, which can be separated.  Many of the deciduous azaleas have bloom buds.


The plants will be sold at our annual Donated Plant Sale, occurring at our next Chapter meeting, Wednesday, September 21 at the Elm Bank East Wing.  See the latest Chapter Newsletter for directions and details on the events scheduled for this meeting.  Due to the volume of plants available, sales will begin about 6:30 PM, prior to the start of the Pot Luck Supper.  Please arrive early for the best selection.



$20 per 6-pack. 

$45 for three 6-packs (1 flat in most cases). Each 6-pack contains 6 to 10 plants.


·         Smirnowii-Yak hybrid, in individual 3" pots, are $3 each.

·         Selections in short supply (as noted below) will be sold as 3 packs at $9 each to allow more people to obtain them.





Rhodo/Azalea Type


Limited Supply?

smirnowii x yak

Broad leaved evergreen Rhodo

Pink, fading to lighter pink or white.  Deep green leaves with heavy indumentum. 


Blue Baron

Small leaved evergreen Rhodo (lep)

Bluest of blue flowers.



Small leaved evergreen Rhodo (lep)

Dark Pink (red if you use your imagination).  Blooms in April.


Abigail Adams

Evergreen Azalea

Large pink blooms.  Wider than tall.  Does well in heavy shade or sun


R. kiusianum

Evergreen Azalea

Tiny leaves.  One of best evergreen azalea species for New England.


Anna's Smile

Deciduous Azalea

Fragrant, pink with golden eye turning peachy pink, in early June.


Golden Showers

Deciduous Azalea

Fragrant, peach/orange, in mid-July.



Deciduous Azalea

Fragrant, red, in mid-July.  Leaves with silver/green undersides.



Deciduous Azalea

Fragrant, pink-orange, in late June



A few words on some selections:


I consider Abigail Adams the best hybrid evergreen azalea for my Zone 5b garden.  Unlike many evergreen azalea hybrids, it is fully hardy for me, never showing any winter damage.  The very large blooms are a wonderful shade of medium pink, totally covering the plant with, even in a shady location. When grown in adequate sun, the foliage turns orange/red in the fall.


Anyone who has seen Blue Barron in bloom in our display garden knows what a special plant it is.  It is one of, if not the bluest, most floriferous of the blue small leaved rhododendrons that can be grown in our area.  Blue Barron won Best in Show in this year's Truss Show.  Need I say more?  We have a limited supply of this cultivar.  First come, first served.


Joe Bruso

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