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'Pontica Album' is a Triploid

Rhododendron 'Pontica Album', which is most likely the white form of Rhododendron luteum documented by C. Loddiges in 1826, has been determined to be a triploid using flow cytometry by

Dr. João Loureiro, Dr. Silvia Castro, José Cerca, and Mariana Castro
Plant Ecology and Evolution Group,
Centre for Functional Ecology,
Department of Life Sciences,
Faculty of Science and Technology,
University of Coimbra, Portugal.

Summary of Ploidy Levels

Diploid 'Miniatum Floribundum',
Triploid 'Aida',
Triploid 'Bronze Unique',
Triploid 'Croceum Tricolor',
Triploid 'Daviesii',
Triploid 'Deep Rose',
Triploid 'Freya',
Triploid 'Gloria Mundi',
Triploid 'Il Tasso',
Triploid 'Josephine Klinger',
Triploid 'Phebe',
Triploid 'Phidias',
Triploid 'Pontica Album',
Triploid 'Van Houttei Flore Pleno',
Triploid 'Velasquez',
Tetraploid Rhododendron luteum,
Tetraploid 'Admiraal De Ruyter',
Tetraploid 'Altaclerensis',
Tetraploid 'Ariel',
Tetraploid 'Beaté Céleste',
Tetraploid 'Bijou des Amateurs',
Tetraploid 'Bouquet de Flore',
Tetraploid 'Cardinal,
Tetraploid 'Comte de Flandre',
Tetraploid 'Corneille',
Tetraploid 'Directeur Charles Baumann',
Tetraploid 'Durante Alle',
Tetraploid 'Electum',
Tetraploid 'Eugénie',
Tetraploid 'Fénelon',
Tetraploid 'Flameola Incarnata',
Tetraploid 'Héroine Plena,
Tetraploid 'Heureuse Surprise',
Tetraploid 'Ignacea',
Tetraploid 'Julius Caesar',
Tetraploid 'Lelia',
Tetraploid 'Madame Gustave Guillemot',
Tetraploid 'Nancy Waterer',
Tetraploid 'Oscar I',
Tetraploid 'Raphael de Smet'

Source: Azaleatuin

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