H: Sunday, September 26, 2010

Triploids can be Fertile

'Gomer Waterer', 'Phyllis Korn', and 'August Lamken' have each been determined to be triploids using flow cytometry by

Dr. João Loureiro, Dr. Silvia Castro, José Cerca, and Mariana Castro
Plant Ecology and Evolution Group,
Centre for Functional Ecology,
Department of Life Sciences,
Faculty of Science and Technology,
University of Coimbra, Portugal.

Jim Barlup successfully used 'Phyllis Korn' as both a seed and parent parent. His 'Summer Peach' is a named crossed resulting from 'Phyllis Korn' as a pollen parent. His cross of 'Phyllis Korn' by 'Trude Webster' has produced viable offspring.

'Gomer Waterer' is documented to be the pollen parent of 'Phyllis Korn' which indicates that triploid offspring may result from a triploid pollen parent.

Werner Brack has grown open pollinated seed from 'Taurus', which was determined to be a triploid using flow cytometry by Dr. Thomas Ranney, J.R. Jones, and Nathan Lynch. Other hybridizers have found 'Taurus' to be both seed and pollen fertile. The Portugal research team has confirmed that Werner Brack's 'Taurus' is indeed a triploid.

Summary of Fertile Triploids

'Anna Rose Whitney',
'Betty Wormald',
'Cotton Candy',
'Gomer Waterer',
'Platinum Pearl',
'Phyllis Korn',
'Pink Pearl',
'Val d'Aulnay'

John and Sally Perkins
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