H: Saturday, April 11, 2009

Van Veen Plant Distribution & Sale Saturday, April 18

Saturday, April 18 is the Van Veen order pickup and Plant Sale.

Pick up time is from 12 noon to 2:30 PM Extra plants will be on sale during this time.

Volunteers for the sort & order put-up should be at the Hunnewell barn at 9:00 AM.


The location will be Willard Hunnewell's barn (same as last year).  Directions are at the end of this note.  If you cannot pick up your order on 4/18, please arrange for a friend to pick it up for you, or contact me at 508-435-8217 to discuss. 


Extra Van Veen Plants on Sale during Distribution

Special ordered plants will be available for sale during the distribution (12 noon to 2:30 PM).  All are hardy in most zones in our area.  This year's selections include a large number of indumented types, such as:  Cinnamon Bear, Teddy Bear & Yak hybrids.  We will also have the best selection of species in a long time – over 30 types.  These include adenopodum, balfourianum, campanulatum, globigerum, insigne, orbiculare, ririei and many more.  Several choice primary crosses will also be available (ex: tsariense x yak).  Included will be a good selection of our "Proven Performer" hybrids, including Janet Blair, Ken Janeck, Mist Maiden, Percy Wiseman & Scintillation.  We will also have some 1 gallon sized plants from RareFind Nurseries' "Collectors List", selected for special features of foliage, bloom and/or habit.


Everyone is welcome to come to browse, shop and socialize, whether or not you have pre-ordered any plants. 


Directions to Van Veen Distribution at Hunnewell Barn, 855 Washington St. (Rt. 16), Wellesley, MA


I suggest you use MapQuest, or a GPS device if you have one.  Otherwise, following are general instructions.


From the North via Rt. 128:  Take the Rt. 16 exit in Newton.  Follow Rt. 16 through Wellesley Hills and Wellesley Center. Look for the entrance to Wellesley College on your right (traffic light), the driveway to the Willard's barn is on your right and is approximately 0.7 miles beyond the College entrance.  The address is 855 Washington St. (Rt. 16), Wellesley, MA.  Once in the driveway follow the ARS signs to the barn.


From the South via Rt. 128:  Take the Rt. 135 exit in Needham.  Follow Rt. 135 to Wellesley Center.  Head south on Rt. 16 in Wellesley Center and follow directions above.


From the West:  Take Mass Pike to Rt. 128.  Go south on Rt. 128 to first exit, which is Rt. 16.  Follow the directions above.

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