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Open Gardens: Signup Deadline Approaching

To Mass Chapter members:
Below is reproduced the article from the last Newsletter on opening up your garden up to fellow Chapter members.  The number of people signed up this year is less than usual, so your participation this year would be particularly welcome.  Note that the deadline for signup (in order to get your info into the May Newsletter) is this Wednesday, 4/15, so if you are interested, please respond ASAP to Cookie Littlefield.  Her contact info is at the end of this article.
Joe Bruso

It's time to think about Open Gardens in May.  This year we will fit the Open Gardens on either side of our big Show and Auction at Elm Bank on May 16 & 17.


Suggested open gardens days: Saturday, May 9 & Sunday May 10, Saturday, May 23 and Sunday, May 24 (on the Memorial Day weekend) and Saturday, May 30 and Sunday, May 31 (good for coastal and northern gardens) are the days for open gardens, 10-4 PM.  Or, just ask folks to call to arrange to see your garden at your mutual convenience.  Just be sure to be in your garden when it is open!


We encourage everyone to have an open garden, even if your garden is small, not yet 'finished' or quite new.  Don't worry about winter damage  -we will all have some. Don't worry about not being 'done';  no one's garden is ever finished.  Visitors are always appreciative and encouraging, and they often make useful suggestions.  We would like to have lots of gardens all over our membership area open to make attracting visitors easy.  All of us have plants and ideas that are worth showing and sharing, not just our best growers.  This is a lovely way to meet other members, too.  Folks like to see gardens in their areas.


Don't be shy.  Only rhododendron and garden lovers will be invited!  Reluctant hosts are always glad they agreed to open their gardens.  Really!  And if you don't volunteer, some one will twist your arm in person. . . . .


Cookie Littlefield has once again nicely volunteered to organize this year's open garden listing for the May Newsletter.  Let her know by April 12 (Easter) if you will bravely and generously open your garden to the Chapter.  Call or better yet, email a brief description of your garden, address and phone number, and which date(s) you would like to have visitors.           

Cookie Littlefield   508 429-6470

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