H: Friday, May 02, 2014


The date given to the Newsletter for P4M's Big Sale was wrong.  It will take place on Saturday May 10 .  All the other information was correct.

To encourage you to go I have paraphrased some enticing facts announced at the Chapter meeting last Sunday:

There are lots of nice new plants.  Sally Perkins mentioned that they potted up about 800 plants; about 160 different varieties.  Donors and P4M members will get the full list early and will be able to pre-order.  Other folks will see the official list a few days later.  It will soon be uploaded onto the chapter blog.

John Perkins said there are a lot of leftovers from last year and Mike has some good plants.  We also have fifty to sixty larger plants that have been grown on for two years.  Quite a few of those will be brought up to our show.

10:00 am the sale is open to donors and participants
12:00 pm the sale is open to everybody
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