H: Thursday, April 03, 2014

MCARS Display Garden news

A page from the upcoming Newsletter sent out early since the first work days scheduled are next week.  
Susan Clark, editor



Our public display garden at Elm Bank (the home of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society) is now 11 years old and is by most accounts a mature garden.  The Chapter has worked hard at making this the best garden that we can for generating public interest in rhododendrons.  The Garden Design Committee will be meeting in April to decide on plant replacements and new additions.  As you see in this newsletter our Open Garden meeting will be held in late April and we will be trying to get the early maintenance work completed before that event.  In order to accomplish this, the Maintenance Committee needs your help.  We have scheduled 3 work parties in April on the following dates:

                                                Monday, 4/7 (providing the snow is gone)

                                                Saturday, 4/12

                                                Saturday, 4/26


All 3 days we will be in the garden from 9:30 am until 12:30 pm.  Please join us for one, two, or all three of the days if you can.  Coffee and donuts will be served and there will be plenty for everyone to do.  If you are experienced we need your input, and if you are a beginner this is a great opportunity to meet and work beside your fellow Chapter members.  And you will have contributed to one of our missions, which is to educate the public on the genus rhododendron.

If you can let me know that you are coming over on any day it makes it easier for me to plan the work and the refreshments.  Also I can then let you know if we cancel due inclement weather.  You can contact me as follows:

                                                Pete Littlefield

                                                Telephone: 508-473-4313


 Also, if you think that you might be able to help out later in the spring and summer let me know and I will add you name to my email listing.  This does not entail any obligation but I will let you know in advance what days we will be performing ongoing maintenance in case you have a free day.  We usually perform this work on either Saturday or Wednesday mornings.

Thanks in advance and I look forward to seeing you in the Display Garden.




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