H: Saturday, April 27, 2013

P4M Plant Sale and Distribution May 11

<< I'm forwarding the following message to the chapter on behalf of Sally Perkins.  The attachment contains the list of P4M plants available this year.  For more information, please contact Sally or John Perkins or Fred Knippel.  Joe B.>>

This list is the rooted cuttings available at Planeview Nursery Chapter P4M sale in Portsmouth RI on Saturday May 11th.

All plants must be picked up at Planeview Nursery on Saturday May11th between 10:30 AM and 12:30 PM and paid for at that time.   Cost is $3 per plant

The preorders from donors and workers will be pulled on Saturday MAY 11th at 10 AM. After this work is completed the public sale will officially open.

Any pre-ordered plants not picked up by 12:30 PM will be returned to the sale.

Anyone staying after 1 pm to help put away plants will get a bonus plant and we hope to have them back in the Planeview Nursery hoop house by 1:30 PM.

We welcome suggestions and corrections.  Donors and workers are able to pre-order through Fred Knippel, so please donate or volunteer on a workday!!!

Sally Perkins

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