H: Wednesday, February 06, 2013

ARSMC February Newsletter

Here is the corrected February Newsletter.  A deadly combination of haste and inattention (not me!) created not 1 but 2 foolish errors, in both cases showing peculiar inconsistency.  On the front page I got the chapter meeting dates right, but on page 2 I put the same date for both meetings and the speakers in the wrong order. And with the pictures of the Mehlquist hybrids, I was right in the text with 'April White' but accompanied it with the picture of the Mezitt hybrid, 'April Snow', correctly labeled.  Can't explain these but please throw away yesterday's edition and keep this one.  And if you find more mistakes, I guess I want to know.
Oh, and if anyone would like to take over as editor, let me know!

Susan Clark

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