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Van Veen Plant Order List & Instructions


Following are instructions for ordering Van Veen plants for April, 2013 distribution.

Instructions are also included in the second tab of the attached spreadsheet.

Please use the attached spreadsheet to order your plants.  If you cannot open the spreadsheet, contact me for an alternative.

Send me your order to me by December 20, 2012 at the latest.  



·        Submit your order to me via E-mail to listing:

o       Plant Names

o       Quantity of each plant type

·        Plant Size - This year each plant variety will be available in one of two sizes:

o       Small – these are the usual "Liner" size that we normally get from Van Veen.

o       Medium – these are a year or more older than the Small size, and consequently larger.


Each plant variety is available in only small or medium size, not both.  Size available for any type is indicated by the Number Available in the Small or Medium column in the plant list.  When you order a plant, you will get the one size available for that plant.


·        Include the following information with your order:

o       Your Name

o       Full Mailing Address

o       Phone Number

o       Whether you would like to help with the sorting & distribution.

·        Prices: These are listed at the top of the order list, by Plant Type and Size.

·        Shipping & packing materials:  This year these costs are included in the per-plant price listed at the top of the plant list.

·        Return the Order to me by 12/20/12.  Send no money until you receive the order confirmation & invoice from me.  The invoices will be sent after the first of the year based on confirmation of plant availability from Van Veen. The plants will be available for pickup in April.  Notification of the pickup date will be provided with the invoices and in the Newsletter. 

·        There is a 2 plant minimum order per plant variety for the Mass Chapter group order as a whole. You don't necessarily have to order 2 per variety yourself in order to receive the plant, since if others order the same variety, the minimum will be met.  However, to increase your chances of getting a particular type you really desire, especially if it isn't one of the more popular varieties, you may want to order two yourself.


Following are sources of information & photos of plants in the order list:

1.      Van Veen Official Website:

2.      Hirsutum Rhododendron Database:

3.      Greer's Guidebook to Available Rhododendrons.

4.      Rhododendron Hybrids by Sally & Greer


Notes to newer members:

Program Overview

·        Each year, the Massachusetts Chapter submits a group order to Van Veen Nurseries of Portland Oregon, a wholesale grower, to take advantage of a volume discount & high-quality plants.

·        These plants are mostly yearlings from rooted cuttings. These are high quality plants at an excellent price.  They arrive un-potted and need to be simply potted up or planted into a "nursery" area for ease of watering the first 1-2 years.

·        Many plants have a limited supply and will be distributed on a first-ordered first-served basis, so there is an advantage to mailing your order early (the postmark date governs).

For lists of plants that will do exceptionally well in our area, I suggest you refer to our chapter's "Proven Performers" list.

·        A primer on how to successfully raise small plants to landscape size will be available during the distribution.


Volunteers are needed to assist in sorting plants and filling orders. This requires spending a couple hours on Saturday morning.  If you are able to help, please let me know when you send your order. 


If you have any questions please call me at 508-435-8217 (evenings and weekends) or E-Mail me at


Joe Bruso

61 South Mill St.

Hopkinton, MA 01748

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