H: Sunday, May 20, 2012

Invitation to be Involved in Azalea Ploidy Research

Sally and John Perkins invite all of you who visit a wild collection of native azaleas this fall to send us samples.

Instructions for Fall 2012 Collection of Samples for Ploidy Testing from Wild Populations of Azaleas

Select typical plant from wild azalea population.
Collect 3 flower buds from the same plant. These 3 buds are considered a single sample.
Place each sample of 3 flower buds in its own Ziploc bag.
Label each bag with suspected species name and location of collection.
Mail bags with samples to the home address of Sally and John Perkins at your expense.

Email Sally and John Perkins at

for more details on collection, storage, and shipment if you have an interest in collecting samples for our fall 2012 ploidy research.
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