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Suggestions for awards?

The Chapter acknowledges the hard work of its volunteers with four awards at the Chapter level.  The first three are described in the ARS bylaws;  the President's Award is a less formal one of the chapter's devising.  The Honors Committee is always looking for suggestions from members.  If you would like to suggest someone for one of these awards, contact Janet Killeen at:

Bronze Medal:  Awarded for outstanding contributions to the chapter, which may include accomplishments of the recipient outside the chapter consistent with the goals of the A.R.S.  The honoree must be a member of the Society. [This is the highest award the chapter can give a member.]

Over the past ten years the chapter has awarded the Bronze Medal to the following individuals: 

                                                2001                            George Hibben

                                                                                    John Perkins

                                                                                    Sally Perkins

                                                2002                            Susan Clark

                                                                                    Peter Littlefield

                                                                                    Lorry Roeder

                                                2003                            Joe Bruso

                                                                                    Betty Carlhian

                                                                                    Jim Phillips

                                                2004                            Russell DeBurlo

                                                                                    George Silverman

                                                2007                            Tony Knights

                                                2008                            Joan Ferguson


Award of Merit:  This award is to be given to an individual, individuals, or an organization which has made an outstanding contribution to the chapter and/or to the promulgation of the genus Rhododendron. 

The Award of Merit has recently been issued to: 

                                                2005                            Carol Stocker, Boston Globe columnist

                                                2008                            Clark Bryan of Elm Bank

                                                2010                            Nancy Cassidy of Weston Nursery

Citation for Service:  This citation is to be awarded to an individual who has for many years worked tirelessly on behalf of the chapter.  The recipient must be a member of the chapter. 

The Citation for Service has recently been issued to:

                                                2004                            Barbara & Henry Wrightington

                                                2007                            CJ Patterson

                                                2008                            Janet Killeen &  Fred Knippel

                                                2009                            Jim Aplin

                                                                                    Leo Blanchette

                                                                                    Peter Littlefield

                                                2010                            John & Donna Delano


The President's Award:  Given at the Annual Meeting at the discretion of the president, usually to a number of the most active Chapter volunteers.


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