H: Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Van Veen Order List

Dear All,


Attached is the Van Veen list in an excel format. There are three sections as you go across the sheet – first the rhododendrons, then the species, and then the azaleas.

Please take the holiday season and look them over and decide which ones and related amounts you may want.  You can return the sheet to me and highlight the ones and number you want, or you can send me an email with the name and amount.  I will confirm anything you send me.  If you could get orders back to me by the 8th of January, I will collate and get the orders off to Kathy Van Veen immediately.  Shortly after the order is sent out and the distribution/payment logistics are finalized, I will notify everyone so they may plan appropriately.


You should send/forward your replies to  That is my home email address. This email is being sent from a work email address and if you respond/reply to this email address, the spam filters may not let it through.  I think I have sent this email appropriately so only your email address is showing, and to not violate your privacy.


We can always use the help if anyone is interested in shepherding the Van Veen ordering for next year. We would love to have you on board.


Thank you for your understanding and patience. I hope everyone has the best upcoming year imaginable, and has/is having a terrific holiday season.





Don Brophy


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