H: Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mass Chapter ARS Plant Sale, Demo and Show

Next weekend, May 21 & 22, the Mass Chapter ARS will have our annual Sale and Show.  We are splitting this year's events between two venues: 
  • Main Plant Sale at Weston Nurseries, Hopkinton MA - May 21 (Sat)
  • Truss Show (and smaller plant sale) at Elm Bank - May 22 (Sun)
Details are in the latest Newsletter.  
There have been some recent additions however that are being communicated here.
Weston Nurseries Events, Saturday, May 21
Demo & Presentation/Discussion
CJ Patterson will give two demos/presentations at Weston Nurseries:
  • 11:00 AM - Pruning Rhododendrons & Azaleas
  • 2:00 PM - Plant Doctor Clinic.  Bring your questions and problems with you to obtain solutions. 
Mini-Truss Display
Several people have expressed an interest in bringing trusses and/or choice foliage to Weston to complement the plant sale and demos.  Therefore we will have tubes, blocks and index cards on-hand for use by volunteers and other chapter members who bring trusses for a non-judged display.  These do not necessarily have to be "show quality" specimens or meet the rules of the formal show (to be held the next day).  All are encouraged to bring something.  Tables will be set up in the greenhouse attached to the back of the Weston garden center.  This is also where the Sale and demos will be held.  Signs will point the way from the front of Weston Nurseries.
Plant Sale Details
The main Plant Sale will occur at Weston Nurseries in Hopkinton.  This sale will contain plants from several sources, ranging in size from 4" plants through larger, multi-gallon size.  It will include choice hybrids as well a species and foliage plants, rhododendrons, evergreen and deciduous azaleas.  Plants not sold at Weston will be transported to the Elm Bank Society Row sale the next day (Sunday, May 22), but you will want to go to Weston for the best selection.
Attached is the official flyer announcing the events at Weston Nurseries.
Joe Bruso
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