H: Sunday, March 07, 2010

Plants for Members Dates

Following is a clarification on dates of Plants for Members (P4M) activities, forwarded from our Newsletter editor, Susan Clark
The spring P4M dates published in the March Newsletter are the correct dates determined by P4M leaders.  Unfortunately those dates were misreported at last Saturday's P4M workday and those wrong dates caused some excited discussion there and questions afterwards.  The dates in the Newsletter are correct and were chosen by P4M leadership, not the Newsletter editor., who merely reports them.                                                       

March 27                Saturday 10 a.m.        Work Day                Planeview Nursery, Portsmouth, RI              
May 1           Saturday 10 a.m.        Big Sort                Planeview Nursery, Portsmouth, RI              
May 22          Saturday  10 a.m.        Big Sale               Planeview Nursery, Portsmouth, RI
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