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Rhododendron Events

The following Rhododendron events are coming up shortly:


1. Early Truss Show & Display Garden Party – Tomorrow, May 3, at Elm Bank

2. Plants for Members (P4M) Sale - May 9, Planeview Nursery, Portsmouth, RI



1. Early Truss Show & Display Garden Party – Tomorrow, May 3, at Elm Bank


Tomorrow will be our early truss show, a little later than some years.  Truss registration begins at 1:00 PM and judging starts at 2:00 PM.  We are expecting to see a good turnout of small-leaved rhododendron trusses, and possibly some of the large leaved types.  Please walk your garden today and take a few trusses with you to tomorrow's event to share with your fellow members.  See the most recent chapter Newsletter for details.


A number of volunteers have worked hard over the past couple of months to bring our Display Garden into tip top shape for this event.  Attached is a photo of the volunteers that helped out at a recent work day.  We should see a lot of color in the garden tomorrow.



2. Plants for Members (P4M) Sale - May 9, 1:00 PM, Planeview Nursery, Portsmouth, RI


This sale presents a great opportunity to try many of your fellow member's favorite plants, which have been rooted by Chapter members over the past year.  Some of my oldest and best plants came from P4M.  There are many new varieties available this year, as well as some old standbys.  The price can't be beat - $3 per plant.  Below is a link to this year's list of available plants.  Paste it into your browser if it will not work here:

This list can also be accessed via our Chapter Website:  Click on Library.


Directions from the intersection of Rt 24 and I-495 heading south on Rt 24.

Plane View Nursery, 770 Wapping Rd, Portsmouth, RI 02871

1.                                                                                                                                 Head south on MA-24 S    19.6 mi

2. Take the exit onto I-195 W/MA-24 S toward Fall River                                        0.9 mi

3. Take exit 8A to merge onto MA-24 S toward Tiverton R. I./Newport R. I.

Entering Rhode Island                                                                                                   2.4 mi

4. Continue on RI-24 S                                                                                                6.8 mi

5. Take exit 1 toward Middletown                                                                              0.3 mi

6. Merge onto Turnpike Ave                                                                                      0.7 mi

7. Slight right at E Main Rd/RI-138                                                                           3.5 mi

8. Turn left at Sandy Point Rd                                                                                    0.5 mi

9.  Turn right at Wapping Rd

Destination will be on the left, mailbox on right with rhododendron, gravel road to greenhouses. 


While a bit of a drive, it is worth the trip.  I'm tentatively planning on going (leaving from Hopkinton) and willing carpool with anyone interested.  Contact me at:  508.435.8217.

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