H: Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Blooms! Mass Hort's "Substitute" Flower Show

Following is a communication from CJ Patterson to the Mass Chapter ARS.
Please contact her directly with any communications you have regarding this subject.

We finally have our marching orders...we need volunteers on
Friday, March 13 (insert fri 13th joke here) from 10AM to 6PM
Saturday, March 14 from 10AM to 6PM
Sunday, March 15 from 10AM to 4PM

We are in the atrium at 125 High Street, in downtown Boston in the
financial district....we have scouted it out and there are ample
amenities-food and drink available if not free, sanitary facilities,
places to sit when you feel pooped, is about ten minutes from
the T, and there is a parking garage, altho I would recommend doing a
weekend shift if you are going to drive in, as the rates are MUCH lower
on the weekend...
I am not going to do a formal allocation of slots, but I would
appreciate an indication of when you will be there, so that I can try to
have somebody "on duty" at all times....also I need to know if you are
coming, as MassHort wants everyone to wear a name tag, so I have to get
a list to them as soon as possible....if you are uncertain, give me your
name anyway, an extra name tag that doesn't get used won't hurt
them....the only drawback I can see is that MassHort wants a dress code
(can't have the hoi paloi in the financial section!;-) but at least this
only seems to mean neat clean and tidy, and NO JEANS (they were quite
emphatic about this part)...apparently they think we will be
representing our Chapter looking like something the cat dragged
in....and who knows? maybe they got a look at me....

E-mail me ASAP, so I can start filling holes in the schedule....I will
give directions and details with your confirmation...see you soon!

CJ Patterson



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