H: Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ploidy Level of Rhododendron canadense

In the papers

Rhododendron canadense was reported to be a diploid. A few studies prior to this one reported that Rhododendron canadense was a tetraploid. Most Rhododendron references state that Rhododendron canadense is a tetraploid.

A study of wild populations of Rhododendron canadense is currently being conducted to clarify the ploidy level of Rhododendron canadense.

So far test results for 6 different populations indicate that Rhododendron canadense is a diploid. However more collections and more tests need to be conducted.

Anyone willing to provide additional Rhododendron canadense material from wild populations or who can supply the locations for such collection is encouraged to contact John and Sally Perkins using the contact link on this bog.
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