H: Saturday, November 22, 2008

Group Rhododendron Order - Van Veen Update

I'm currently working on putting together the availability list for the "Van Veen" order.  I obtained the information from the nursery very late this year.  However, I think you will find it to have been worth the wait.  Van Veen is offering MANY plants never available before.  This will include lots of new hybrids, as well as species.  I've pre-ordered many of these, as I know Van Veen will sell out fast. 
In addition to the "Liner Sized" plants from Van Veen, I've pre-ordered 100 1 gallon sized plants from RareFind Nursery.  These plants will be available for purchase on the day of order distribution.  They are all very choice, from their "Collector's List".  Many of these can only be commercially obtained from RareFind, but you cannot order most of them from their website, as the supply is too limited to make available to the public.  These will have suburb foliage appeal in addition to the flowers.  I've obtaining a wholesale price on these, so I think you will find them to be a great value.
I hope to be able to e-mail you the plant list by the end of the Thanksgiving weekend.
Once again this year, ordering will be via e-mail to me.
Joe Bruso

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