H: Sunday, May 04, 2008

Plants for Members Sale May 10, Portsmouth, RI

The annual initial sale of the Plant for Members (P4M) rhododendrons will occur in Portsmouth, RI Saturday, May 10, starting at 10:00 AM. 
I've attached an Excel spreadsheet listing all the plants available this year.  Please note, however, that cutting donors and P4M workers get first choice, so some of the listed selections, especially those in small quantities, may be sold out prior to 10:00 AM.  You too can get on the list of people with first shot at these plants if you either donate cuttings from some of your best plants, or volunteer to help stick cuttings, transplant, etc.  Cuttings are stuck starting in the early summer.
P4M is a great way to get a lot of small, inexpensive plants, most of which you will never see offered commercially.  They are selected by donors as their best plants, many hybridized by the donor, or grown from seed.  Most of my largest/oldest plants came from the P4M program many years ago. 
If you have any questions on P4M, need directions, etc., please contact the P4M co-chairs, John Perkins or Fred Knippel.
Joe Bruso

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