H: Thursday, April 03, 2008

Things Rhododendron and Crystal Springs

Saturday, April 5 is the Early Show and Sale at Crystal Springs Rhododendron
Garden, SE 28th across from Reed College in Portland.

For a $3.00 admission you can view the garden (don't miss the new fern wall),
see the juried display of early blooming rhododendron trusses, and attend the
plant sale.

The Plant Sale: Hundreds of rhododendron varieties are offered from Wee Bee to
several Loderi hybrids. That's the tall and short of it. Colors: red, purple,
yellow, white, all shades of the previous plus spotted, blended. A range of
flower shapes, leaf shapes and colors, indumentum - - - - You really have to
see them.

Prices? Have you shopped for rhododendrons lately? I have. These fine plants
are priced, in this writer's opinion, below reasonable.

Hope to see you Saturday.

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